UI/UX Design Experiment for Customer Retention

We solved a navigational issue for landing page. Generally for landing page no one use navigation in order to avoid distractions. So we recreated unique UI/UX design to keep user on the same page even if he wants more information from other pages in the same website. It’s like giving user freedom to roam without getting lost. Let’s dive into it. Shall we??

We thoughtfully made a UI/UX Design for a search engine, so that user don’t get diverted from the main page. We incorporated technique which we gonna discuss in www.eaglesearch.xyz, and Boy! this is our proprietary tech, a super search engine. So with a aim that user should not leave search engine main page to say our ‘about us page’, we found a new way to display other unimportant pages.

Objective: User should be able to access other parts of the website without getting diverted from the main page where functions are performed.

Solution: How we did it

Firstly, we used Hamburger menu for switching to other parts of the website, as shown below

UI/UX trends experiment
UI/UX trends experiment

2. As you can see below we have made a UI design to display other unimportant page, which take 40% of parent screen, by doing minimal but awesome UI/UX design we killed the chance of user going away or distracted by our own page. We i.e Bluenest Labs named span as Double Hamburger display.

UI/UX trends experiment

As they say, The less confuse your customer is, the more conversion probability falls into your court.


This UI/UX technique helps the user to retain to the relevant page, It helps the user to stick to the goals and use our services in most efficient manner, and it also makes use of screen/display properly.

If there’s much traffic on your website, but the conversion rate is low, you can’t figure out the reason, it can be one of them, Do check you behavioural flow in Google analytics. Say, for example, more than 50% of people gets diverted from the landing page to ‘learn more’ or ‘about you’ pages and ends up dropping off the same page without coming back to the conversion page, it hampers a lot, right?. And we waste our time solving issue with content.

To lower down the dropping off rate from the un-relevant page, one can make use of this UI/UX technique.

UI/UX design is very important part of digital transformation and customer experience, take this seriously. Consult UI/UX Design Experts.

Even though if you wanna do it on your own, No prob. All complex UI/UX design can be easily implemented using drag and drop content builder  – Thrive Content Builder . They also have good knowledge base to help you decide what, when, where and why.


It only comes with only one drawback ie, increases a click on the hamburger menu, ie, to activate it. And in UI/UX world that is another issue.

That’s all folks

Do let us know your thoughts on it, down below.

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