UI/UX Design Experiment for intuitive User Experience

Intuitive user experience is natural and predictable, so here’s our second experiment which gives intuitive customer touchpoint for communication.

Here in our second experiment, we mixed two significant features of the web into one, by understanding customer psychology for better navigation and better user experience.

To made multiple forms in single place related to the similar customer concern.

Problem Statement:

Lot of times customers try to contact the company with many different perspectives and juggle around the website to reach to the right form for the intended concern.

Say for example a customer wants to give feedback, and he tries to find the feedback form, generally feedback form, contact form and subscription form are in different place. And user doesn’t get it, he/she ends up in contact form, and issue very rarely resolves, as it reaches to the wrong resolution person.

Generally, we place feedback and contact form on different pages. We put on one page itself and used bootstrap tabs to make it separate from each other, clickable, visible and minimalistically clear.

UI/UX experiment for customer experience example
Click here to View live version.


This approach can be applied everywhere, and anyone can do that, as concerned customers going to land in contact area anyways. This also adds up structural uniformity in your website, which helps build  brand image : sophisticated.

So why not implement this UX/UI design approach in your website for intuitive user experience.

TIP:- If you are not code-savvy or you do not waste your time, then the easiest method is to switch to a Thrive Content Builder, it gives you the power to improve customer interaction. Ie, UI/UX.

And don’t say, You haven’t check out our first experiment, yet?? where in we innovated a new UI/UX design: Double hamburger menu.

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