Digital marketing : 6 Reasons Why it doesn’t work for startups, small scale, and medium scale industries

Every business from small to big is investing resources in digital marketing which includes website making to lead generation, they do everything to grow business in every sense, and that’s the hour of need to create omni channel touch points. However, the reasons digital marketing doesn’t work for them are as follows.

1. Selection of wrong digital media partner or hiring a wrong team and its effect for digital marketing.

So, first of all, it is vital to select digital media partner or hire a great team to work out your digital media touchpoint the way you want. However, on the real ground due to tight finances, they compromise and without thinking about the ROI or worth of investment for long term, companies generally fall into the trap of low budget over promised digital media marketing companies, which is where they make a big mistake and make a big in hole in their bucket. Let’s see how

Let’s do Simple calculation how startups, small and medium scale companies are wasting money in digital marketing?

Consider 100 Companies wants to build 100 websites to sell their product. And these companies decide to develop their website for a little cost that is $150-$200 (INR 10,000 to 15,000). 

Now that’s total $14,217 (INR 10,00,000) of investment.

What do you think with 150 bucks of the website will be backed by? Question is whether your mighty customer will like it or not? Or will be at least presentable enough?

Input the number of companies you think going to get the ROI out of this website,

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We can think of only 1 by luck website is performing to the expectations that too in one in million of chances. So it means 99 companies are going to waste their 9,90,000 and other resources. When we do a reality check, this is an incredible number. To track down total money spent do one more simple math of 1cr companies investing 1 lakh into it and then check the result of wasted money.

So it very crucial to select your digital partner properly for your digital success, as digital success depends on when everything that is on digital media is for a reason with a right amount of study, i.e., with excellent digital marketing strategy.
Our recommendation to you is to find a digital agency which delivers or hire people with experience in your team, and don’t think money is burning but rather consider it as an investment with real returns. Think about ROI, as allocation and management of resources become very hard if ROI is zero and then companies have to recover it from the business cycle which hampers your customer/client relations and following in chain. Sometimes small companies or startup fails in doing that, and sadly have to die.

2.Don't confuse! Align your Business and Digital Marketing Strategy

First, make a clear strategy among your team and then communicate the same to your digital marketing partner or team clearly. Even If your digital media partner think re-orientation is needed, then don’t hesitate to invest time.
Tip: It’s always good to have a one-page goal at the end of finalization with points well written on it for better communication and revision.

Tool : All-in-one content strategy tool.

3. Do not Fear with Experimentation

Because in marketing nothing is right or wrong, Always welcome innovative ways, it’s not necessarily important to follow trends, instead work on making trends. And above all, appreciating off the trend solution is formula to create regenerative businesses, hence this has long term effect. What if we tell you there’s safe way to experiment, Yes, you can with high prototypical themes which is always safe to innovate.

4. Never Hide Realities.

Never hide your reality with your third parties whom you think are involved in your core structure. And never hide your reality, i.e., don’t play business tactics with your team or digital media marketing company for the small amount of penny, this, in turn, affects your companies marketing in the long term and sometimes catastrophic fall. If your internal transaction in terms of everything(i.e., communication txn, emotional txn, and monetary transaction) with your team or third-party digital media company is not right, you can never grow and sustain your business.

5.Have a good relationship with Digital partner or team.

Well we know that’s the thumb rule, but still, many companies lose their calm well before result day and fight with employees of digital media marketing companies, have trust in them. We are not saying to pull if they don’t deliver, but we are saying if there a little spike of growth due to their work then do work with them and give them time.

6.In the end, Have Patience

Always have patience and trust your team or digital media marketing partner, because it takes time according to competition and your product, but if your marketing partner doesn’t deliver on claimed time length +/- 2 months. Then do, revise and check or if needed change your partner.

Make a great team, achieve unimaginably.

Stay in the loop to know more about what works in the digital marketing world. Soon will be publishing characteristics of the right digital media agency.

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