Case Study

Organic Growth via Digital Marketing

of Management Consulting firm

Important factors



Education and management consulting


 Top level management.

Business Model

B2B, Not for Profit

Business size

Medium Scale


  • Increase Awareness
  • Increase Course Signups.
  • Increase consulting and training queries
  • Conversion.

Discovered Requirement

  1. Marketing Funnels.
  2. Alignment of website and Revamp
  3. Content strategy
  4. SEO.
  5. Social media marketing.
  6. Email Campaign.

Organic Growth via Digital Marketing


Discovery Phase

Business Understanding
Market Research
Competitor Research
Requirements and Action points
Website Research.

Design Phase

Marketing Funnels.
Marketing Calendars
Website tweaks.
Content Strategy

Work Phase

Website Development and required Tweaks
Information Placement
SEO Content production
Technical SEO
Social Media Creation and Posting

Marketing Phase

Customer journey optimisation
SEO content publication and optimisation.
Social media organic marketing.
Email campaigns

Achieved Result

  • Marketing ROI : 115% –> 300%.

  • Subscription : 1134 –> 3,50,000+

  • Email campaigns : 200+

So, Let's Grow