Digital marketing landscape being too big, the biggest challenges of digital marketing is to pick digital marketing channels ie where to invest exactly in order to grow or what is going to work for your niche market. Every company face this issue, especially startups and SME’s or someone who’s company is looking out for digital avenues to grow.

Sometimes the company hires digital marketing agency who keeps on adding new channels of digital marketing to earn more and company’s end up with frustration and little ROI in digital marketing.

Do you know you are paying more to digital marketing agency? 

Wanna know why? 

Well because you paying for digital marketing channels which are not working for you, all digital efforts are getting wasted. Thus, to help you choose right digital marketing channels for your company we have created a digital marketing infographics which is as below. Now do not confuse anymore, understand complexity of digital landscape with following digital marketing infographics and churn out most of it. 


Digital marketing infographics

How much to invest to best roi in digital marketing is another issue?

There can be two well thought digital marketing strategy which are as follows :-

  1. Invest resources and effort which are only working for your business
  2. Invest proportionate on every relevant channel. 

What if you are pushing digital marketing hard,but not getting results?

Revisit your strategy with the help of above infographic, and try to figure out what you want to achieve, which channel currently have at least some traction or engagement. And craft a whole new plan for next 6 months, to tryout more laser focused digital strategy. You will definitely get results. Sometimes its better not to reason out why its not working than just chopping it off completely and focusing on only what is working, it can save time and efforts.

"But the best method than chopping off is to substitute not-working channels by digital marketing automation."


Not to worry, Guys. If social media marketing is not working well, then put it in automation mode. That’s the best way to re-channelise your efforts to ROI generating digital marketing activities. And Automating social media marketing keeps your social media handles active all the time. 

To put social media channel on Automation, following are some tools that can help you.

  1. Fresh Marketer : For automating nearly digital marketing efforts.
  2. Social Pilot : Social Media Automation
  3. CrowdFire


Change your marketing agency or change your marketing angle by revisiting your core brand strategy. We can also help you do the do the same.



SEO is long and passive process but yes when done correctly, it unbelievable exponential growth.  Wondering whether your digital marketing agency is doing it correctly or not? You can check out this legitimate SEO ROI CALCULATOR ., Now find yourself out if your all different channels of digital marketing are reaping out benefits of seo in digital marketing or not.

What you should do if its not working ?

Change your marketing agency or contract with some goals or KPI’s to measure. And continuously measure roi in digital marketing to check them on regular basis. Check out SEO deliverables that you should be getting for your investment. Similar works for Search engine marketing. 


NO !! , email marketing is great form to convert customer or to do cross sell or upsell effectively. It can also be used for doing referral activities to gain new customers. 

If is it not working for you, then you must check out do’s and don’t of email marketing thoroughly with aim that it must first land in the Inbox. Then, choose highly engaging marketing angle for content and focus on customer converting design ie look and feel of it and CTA’s. Use GIFs, emojis and conversational content to make your email alive and highly converting. You can Email us before running your email campaigns, we would love to help you manually and suggest required changes. 

Wrapping UP !

If done correctly, company can reap out maximum benefits of digital marketing for business with laser focused digital marketing strategy from all different channels of your digital marketing.  Try revisiting your digital marketing strategy now and re-craft by referring above infographic. Still not able to decide, Bluenest is always here.

We wish you growth and success. 

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  1. Roger Mcnamer

    I’m so happy to read this. This is the type of manual that needs to be given and not the accidental misinformation that’s at the other blogs. Appreciate your sharing this best doc.

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