SEO Hacks #1

Weird? Yes, weird. A lot of the time I tell SEOs about these findings they say it’s weird till they try it out. And Who doesn’t, still lack i.t 😉


After 1 and a half years of SEO Experimenting, I really found some weird tricks or loopholes to outrank SERP results.


I first did this experiment on an E-commerce website that I created for the client and I was also doing SEO of the product listing and content. Well, with the consent of the client, I also started some agreed SEO experiments of which Capitalisation was one.

So after 6-8 months, I came to a conclusion that product listing with CAPITALISATION was ranking on SERP#2

outrank all high DA websites on difficult keywords. And when I did the math, I found this technique was responsible for 1.47x of 5x growth, which I helped my client to achieve.

Simultaneously, I started the same experiment on my blog which was of totally different niche. I got the same results that search engines still do emphasis on CAPITALIZATION title and heading.

  • Don’t overdo it.
  • Title And Heading because that is aesthetically good and contains keywords.
  • You can also Alt description of feature image if the description is not more than 2 words.


Well, this technique is a growth hack. I and my colleague were intrigued by the thought that why not ask backlinks from the website who have already outreached us for backlinks from ours, but then we realized about search engine penalties that if we have too or fro links as they are not natural we would be penalized. True enough !.


Still, we were not convinced so we started this experiment with a great email copy which helped us to convince 23 high DA websites to backlink us. First, 7 of them gave us reciprocating backlink which turned out to be a big backfire, we stumbled. Then, we did some research and found an interesting loophole. No article ever suggested that one can have a reciprocating link from another article, and that is natural in some way.


Let’s understand this part with an example. Let’s say I own website A, consist of articles A1, A2, A3 …etc and You own website B consist of article B1, B2, B3 …etc. 

SEO backlinks

 So, CASE 1: Reciprocation to the same article. ie A1 backlinks B1 and vice versa

Result: Search engine Penalizes, SERP, and DA goes down.

CASE 2: A1 backlinks B1, but B2 backlinks A1.

Result: Looks natural and Increases DA and SERP as well. Plus this is a loop, and apart from link juice benefits it also holds traffic in a loop ie if traffic comes at B2 they come back to B1 via A1.

CASE 3: A1 backlinks B1 and B2 backlinks A2

Result: Looks natural and increases DA and SERP as well. And this gives a proportionate equal traffic increase.

Case 2 and Case 3 are hacks that can give you tremendous growth in a short span of time, and since this is organic it gives you sustainable results for the long term.

That’s all Folks,

More Insights stay in loop.


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