List of Social Media Tools for SMEs – Just What You Need.

A Comprehensive list of social media tools for SMEs

SEMRush is an All in one digital marketing solution. SEMRush’s social media toolkit helps. 

SMEs/SMBs to schedule posts in advance via an easy to use calendar view. Following are some key features

  • Schedule posts
  • Find the best time for your post
  • Create posts while surfing the web
  • Edit images
  • Import posts from CSV files
  • Use UTM for more accurate tracking

I could not restrain myself by mentioning its One of the most fantastic features  i.e Competitors tracking. Through this social media competitors monitoring tools you can:

  • Learn from your competitors’ success and fails
  • Compare yourself with competitors
  • See what content competitors are posting
  • Get weekly updates by email and create PDF reports

Crowdfire is a social media management tool to automate most of your social media marketing. 


It can curate all types of content through RSS and also curate super relevant content from different publishers to help engage your audience. So it is kind of perfect for content curation.


Auto-publish features automatically select the best time to publish content in all different social media channels by analyzing your audience timing on social media.

Perfect for content curation. It auto publishes super relevant articles for your audience to engage and increase your authority.

Social media branding tool of the year.

If your company or personal vision is to become a brand, then this is a must-have tool.

Brand24 is a collection of the best monitoring tools for brands, how?

Mention Analytics

Get a better understanding of who is talking about your brand online. Analyze buzz quality and quantity to gain new insights about your customers.

Influence Score

Pinpoint your industry influencers to make conscious decisions about who you should be working with.

Sentiment Analysis

Sentiment analysis key to measure your brand communication and brand image

Thanks to mentioning sentiment (positive, negative, neutral), you can get a better understanding of customer attitudes & spot problematic areas which need immediate attention.

The fresh marketer is the best marketing automation software and combines with Freshworks CRM integration gives more capability to serve customers at every customer journey and touchpoints.

You can craft customer journeys and automate your marketing campaigns to nurture new leads. Make new sales funnel or pick from their template to nurture high quality leads automatically.

Best Hootsuite alternative, Social Pilot is suitable for a small team, professional, enterprise. 

With SocialPilot, you get the following feature.

  • 1000 posts daily
  • 200 Social Accounts
  • BulkScheduling
  • SocialInbox
  • Teams & Collaboration
  • Content Curation & RSS Feed Automation
  • Analytics & White Label PDF Reports
  • Social Media Calendar

The top 5 social media management tools are the most useful way to channelize digital investment and growth.

But, keep in mind that original content has its own value and much appreciated over curated one. It is essential to post original high-value content with a thoughtful social media content strategy. 

The Social media strategy which does not look sleazy is : Post minimum 7 number of content, that helps your audience and then post 1 content of your core value.

That way you can achieve your underlying goal in most efficient manner.

The real growth happens with strategy and proper implementation and optimization of strategy. If you want real growth, hire a Social media strategist or content strategist.

Now, that you know the tools and strategy, it comes to content. So check out 50+ Content ideas for social media posts.

Comment down below which one you use and why?

That’s all folks 


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