Top digital marketing tools for 2022

In the world of digital marketing, it’s all about evolving, adapting and getting better. In fact, if you don’t evolve, you’ll be left behind. In this blog, we’ll talk about the tools that will be essential for digital marketers in 2022

Semrush is a powerful competitive analysis tool that allows you to see your competitors’ keywords, social following, domain metrics, backlinks, and more for free. But what does it really do? It saves you time and money by giving you the information you need to compete with your competitors . You can use Semrush to find opportunities in your market by finding the most popular content, the most popular keywords, the biggest influencers, the most successful links, and the most successful ads. All of this is based on data that is collected from millions of sites. 

From keyword research to competitor research, site audits to social media management, content marketing to backlink analysis, SEMrush allows you to easily track your campaigns, identify new opportunities, and make informed, data-driven decisions to grow your business. This tools super good for hyperlocal marketing as well like luxury real estate, gyms & swimming pools, management consulting etc.


Designing graphics is not everyone’s forte. It’s an art form that takes time to master, and honestly, most people don’t even try. Instead, they end up settling for cheesy clipart, or worse, no graphics at all. This is one of the main reasons why so many people are turning to Canva, because it’s a simple, intuitive graphic design tool that makes it easy to create high-quality graphics for all kinds of content.

Create amazing designs, even if you’re not a designer.

SocialPilot is a social media marketing tool that helps to manage your social media accounts. It also helps you to schedule posts to multiple social media accounts. It allows you to easily create posts, provides you with insights to improve your campaigns, and helps you to reach your audience even if you are not available.SocialPilot is geared towards social media managers, bloggers, and site owners who are looking for an effective way to schedule their social media content. SocialPilot is the best social media marketing tool to increase brand awareness, traffic, leads, and sales.


Social media is a must for any business. It helps you stay connected to your customers, create a brand presence in your niche, and connect with potential customers. Social media also gives you the opportunity to share content in your industry, which can help you rank well in search engines. Unfortunately, managing social media accounts is a time-consuming task. You have to post content on your social accounts, engage with your followers, answer questions, and more. Fortunately, there are tools that make social media management easier. Crowdfire is the perfect social media management tool for entrepreneurs, bloggers, and even small businesses. Crowdfire has an easy-to-use interface with features that make social media management fun. With Crowdfire, you can schedule posts, engage with your followers, and even connect your accounts to see your analytics in one place.

Since the arrival of messaging apps, email has been quickly losing ground. Messaging apps have also gained ground in the business-to-consumer market, with customers increasingly preferring the convenience of message-based communication. It is therefore no surprise that businesses are increasingly adopting messaging apps to communicate with customers. B2B companies in particular are increasingly using messaging apps to support their customers, in addition to email and phone. This is largely because of the high response rates and high customer satisfaction that messaging apps offer. The only problem is that, with so many messaging apps in the market, it can be difficult to track all of them and manage conversations in one place. This is why Freshdesk has integrated messaging apps with its service.


Freshdesk Messaging is an omnichannel chatbot that lets you chat with your customers on all the messaging apps they use. It’s easy for your customers to reach you and easy for you to respond. It’s all in one place, in one inbox. Reach customers on the messaging apps they use. Manage conversations from one inbox: See and respond to conversations from wherever you are, on whatever device you’re on. Get high response rates: Customers respond to your message within minutes. Get high CSAT: Customers love messaging and respond to your message with a positive note.

Brand24 provides social media monitoring and online reputation management software and services. It monitors and analyzes mentions and trends across blogs, forums, videos, news, social media and more. It helps companies make sense of what’s being said about them on the web and identify positive and negative sentiment. It helps brands improve their online reputation and interact with their customers by providing insights and recommendations.

You’ll get instant access to real-time mentions of your brand, products, people and any other keywords you like. You can also monitor competitors.

Lastly all marketing boils down to KRAs and KPIs

Databox is a powerful tool that gives you the ability to view your KPIs (key performance indicators), in one place, on an easy-to-use dashboard. This dashboard can be embedded on your website, emailed to your boss, or shared with other users. It’s helpful for keeping track of your KPIs, managing multiple accounts, or keeping an eye on what’s important. With Databox you can build a custom dashboard with a few clicks, and you can even schedule email reports so you don’t have to worry about checking your numbers every day.

AnswerThePublic is a great tool for discovering what your audience wants to know – and it’s free. AnswerThePublic pulls data from Google autocomplete and shows you the questions and phrases people are typing into the search engines. If you write a blog post about those subjects, you will rank highly for those phrases and questions.

What holds for future as a Digital marketeer, blogger, entrepreneur, business owners

With the rapid technological advancements, the need to evolve keeps increasing. The tools are not static, they are dynamic, they are growing, they are evolving. Digital marketing tools are no different. The best digital marketing tools are the ones that are constantly striving to be the best. Digital marketing tools that are constantly striving to exceed their own limits.

With changes in technology occurring at an ever increasing pace, digital marketers must keep up with it all by adapting to the new ways that consumers are using technology. There are also new tools that are being released that will allow marketers to do their jobs more efficiently, cutting down on time spent on repetitive tasks.

*Disclaimer: We are affiliated with companies/tools mentioned in the blog.

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