Email Campaign, Automation and Marketing.

Double your growth

out of your own Email List.


Email Digital transformation

Believe us, we can make it happen through Foolproof email validation and improving overall domain score.


Email CRO

Persuasive content is all you need. Tailored emailer for your campaign. Blueprinting your customer and transforming digitally CX throughout.

Three R's of Email Campaign, Answers Why we?

Right Strategy

Email campaign with right strategy result is better delivery and conversion. 

Rich Content

Content that can bring back your old customers.

Right Timing

Perfect timing is when user surfs email. We study and schedule it for that time.

What all we offer !

Email Campaigns

Do you wanna do email campaigns that can bring 300% more leads?Contact us.

Email Marketing

Setting up email funnels for every potential leads and writing personalised email copy, we are specialist in that.

Email Automation

Setting up an  automated response via email. We are here.

Email Scraping

We have our own python and node.js based tool in place from our Bluenest labs, to extract information and emails available in public.

Email Validation

We also have our own python based email validation tool in place, which can validate 100,000 Email/hr