How to do SEO for Youtube

Are you a Youtuber or planning to create Youtube content for your business ? 

If yes, then do SEO for your Youtube content?

Check out following.

Why is SEO necessary for Youtubers to consider?

You must have heard “Content is King”, and it is as true as the sun rises from the east.

Youtube video is itself a content format, and it’s one of the best. Let’s go little off topic to understand why video content is necessary for business, personal branding or even for hobbyist ?, by studying youtube popularity statistics.

Video as content trends started in 2019 and will continue to do so. 

By the end of 2022,  nearly 85% people around the world are going to consume video content. 

Can you believe that? 

But it is true!!

And youtube is the second most preferred Platform for watching video on TV.

Now, if people are going to continue consuming video content so much, then it is obvious that your competitor’s are not going to leave this opportunity to leverage video content marketing.

Already a lot of businesses are onboard on Youtube and continuously pushing content to serve user intent.

When the place becomes crowded, then it’s becomes obvious that whom so ever shows up first, would get the real share!!


Youtube has already become highly competitive and getting competitive day by day nich by niche.  To outrank and stay in the game, apart from high quality content, You must use SEO for Youtube.


Making your Youtube video searchable and rank #1 on search intent, focusing on keywords is the basic of Youtube Marketing.

So, let’s dive in How to SEO for Youtube

Before working on content it is recommended to do keyword research, Through Keyword research you could also get new ideas for Youtube content creation.

For Youtube SEO tools, one can use AHref.

Now you might be wondering How to use SEO tools for Youtube SEO?

Open and go to Ahref’s or another SEO tools keyword explorer.

Ahref keyword explorer has a special search box for Youtube search engine, as you can see in following screenshot.

Enter all the main keywords in the box separated by commas and check out the data insight behind Youtube keywords.

For free Youtube SEO tools, one can use Soolve or Eagle search to understand search intent keywords through autosuggestion on Youtube and Google .


After entering all keywords related to your youtube content, Youtube keyword explorer would show keyword insights data as shown in the following image. 

Now, it’s time to Make use of Important data like Volume, clicks, CPS and Return Rate to select keywords for Youtube content creation strategy.

In order to infuse keywords naturally into your youtube content. Export all selected keywords and craft creative youtube video around selected keywords.

Youtube SEO Tips : How to make use of Keywords in Youtube content

Step by Step Youtube SEO Guide

Optimize Title and Video file Name on Pillar/Main keyword.

Title and video filename are forms of text content that Youtube and Google search algorithms work on first.

keep your main/pillar keyword everywhere where the text form is.

Add Subtitles 

Adding subtitles are very useful to reach audience who are performing Google search.

As Google Search shows snippets of only a particular timeframe video which is relevant to search query. Thus, Adding subtitles to video makes google capable of showing such results.

In 2020, Youtube has added auto generated subtitles functionality, keep that ‘on’ especially if your content is in English.

Youtube Video Search

So adding FAQ’s content inside your Video Content is great hack to rank #1 on Youtube as well as Google.

To do that, you could also use filter keyword ideas as “Questions” through sidebar menu in Ahref

keywords types for youtube

Description of Youtube Video

Description of youtube video works similar to Meta-description as on website.

Adding description becomes easy when video content is ready. Just don’t forget to add keywords naturally into description.

Keep Bio optimized and Update

To keep Bio optimized, use keywords of your niche and use trending hashtags in Bio. (We are referring to the about section description as bio here)


End thoughts

Apart from being a creative youtuber, it’s essential to stay logical with data back keyword research while creating content. Especially if you are working in niche.

Comment down for any query related to SEO for Youtube.

We would love to help for your YouTube SEO 

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