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Bluenest craft SEO strategy specifically designed for growth of your company. We believe in sustainable and continuous growth is what helps thrive.

Start generating more qualified leads organically with our Top-Class SEO service.

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Starter SEO Kit

$450 $350 / month
  • 80+ Keywords
  • For companies who are looking to grow from Point A to Point B.

Aggressive SEO Kit

$1200 $999 / month
  • 500+ Keywords
  • For companies who are looking to grow from Point B to Point D.


Don't Ask Us, Ask Them !

Bluenest Proved us "How organic traffic can help us grow our business".

Dr. Pramod


I think this was the best SEO service we could get. After paying to several companies huge amount, we could never see such results and transparency. That's why we always say in service industry it's always works that pays off.




Let’s take this on-going project for example to understand it better.

SEO success data
0 +
Increased Visiblity

i.e. 9,135 Lead Generated

Above is the real search console graph of ongoing project. We started work on this project from literally “0”. Our result oriented SEO strategy helped them to achieve aggressive growth in terms of visibility and lead generation. Within 3 months, clients online visibility could reach from 0 to 315,00+ eyeballs. And out of those 29% converted as lead ie 9,135 customers.

You might be thinking why graph have some Up and down?

Yes! Similar to business, there are always Ups and Downs in SEO because external factors are always involved.  Putting continuous constant precise efforts is KEY to thrive in business and SEO, no matter what external factors are, And that’s how we all succeed. Right?

Do you wanna such serious business growth from ground up or where you are right now?

How we our SEO services are all together different?


We delicately take care of every service we offer, and thus we powered our team with SEO specialist. We have in-house SEO specialists, SEO Expert and SEO freelancer who have worked with big companies as an SEO consultant for a long time.


Talking about experience, we have fetched best of best to serve you best. Our Top-notch SEO team is led by 5+ yrs experienced SEO professionals and supported by mentors with more than 10yrs of experience in marketing. If you still think why experience matters, read this article by “Why experience matters


Transparency is always good for any business. SEO Reports serves the similar purpose, and it helps to chart out new opportunities for growth and plan for the future. It pretty much completes the feedback loop.


Transparency is at our core fundamentals.  Lot of SEO agencies hide pricing or hide equivalents work. That is why we have attached SEO deliverables at the end this page.


We believe in power of 1%, thus we learn and grow each day at-least 1%. We keep ourselves up-to date in this industry. And what we do to keep our self updated in SEO industry? Well, We run our own Marketing channel to keep ourselves and our beneficiaries up to date. You can also join to get industry insights.


Our experience and profile do not allow us to do any mistake. We do let anyone down at first place, whether it’s our employee or you.

But even if we mess up something, we will take the full responsibility to back up.

That’s our commitment.

We are always accountable !


Starter SEO Kit

Growth SEO Kit

Aggressive SEO Kit

Number of keyphrases optimized

80+ Quarterly

200+ Quarterly

500+ Quarterly

Meta tags (Title & description)

Creation & registrations of sitemap.xml

Video and image XML sitemaps

Google My Business optimization (if needed)

Google Analytics setup

w/ conversion tracking

Google Analytics traffic analysis

Image optimization

Schema HTML tags

Canonicalization analysis & domain unification

Local search optimization

Internal linking restructuring & optimization


Initial link analysis and disavow

Header Tags Optimized (Ex. H1s)

Ongoing quarterly keyword ROI, traffic, & goal reporting

Only keyword reporting

Competitor analysis and reports

No reports

No Reports

Duplicate content analysis

Information architecture audit





Backlinks analysis and report

Mobile site optimization (if applicable)

Custom Data Views (applicable only after 1st Quarter)

Link redirect audit – redirecting

Custom 404 error page setup and optimization

Quarterly web page freshness updates

Searcher experience analysis (long-clicks, pogo-sticking, bounce rate, etc.)

Website design analysis

Website usability analysis

Customer Journey Analysis

Linkable content promotion [Expert level]


$ 450

$ 350



$ 780

$ 660



  • 00
  • 00
  • 00

$ 1200

$ 999



Thinking about ROI ?

Average ROI from SEO services is anywhere between 50% and 4500% depends on many factors like competition, current situation, budget, SEO skills etc. Now, THINK AGAIN !

Other than organic traffic, What other miracles SEO Services can do?

  • Build Trust and Credibility
    Now, you might be thinking how SEO build trust and credibility, well it simple, in day to day if we get authenticate answer or help from only source then generally we tend to start trusting on that source like for forever and sometime blindly. To build such image in your customer eyes, your content should genuinely help them to reach thier goal.
  • Retain Customer
    We know how customer retention becomes difficult in highly competitive market. Customer will always have a choice in very niche, and choice that are equivalent or sometimes superior. Now, to beat your competitor and to reduce number of choices, you will simply have to be in front of customer's eyes. SEO can make that happen.
  • Gain Customer Loyalty
    When does customer becomes loyal? Firstly, when customer doesn't go to your competitor. And Secondly, when customer naturally refers you as brand in their peer group, now that's loyalty.
    SEO can do even this miracle.
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