Digital Marketing for Manufacturing Industries to get New B2B Leads

Currently, the manufacturing industry mostly relies on traditional marketing which is very much different from the new age marketing.

First, let us have a look at this difference.

Traditional marketing Vs Digital Marketing


  • More expensive
  • Content creation is difficult 
  • One way communication
  • Difficult to measure ROI
  • Audience reach is somewhat limited
  • Harder to reach specific target audience


  • Comparatively economical
  • Content creation is convenient
  • Two way communication with audience
  • Data driven statistics provide accurate measures for ROI
  • Audience reach is vast
  • Easier to identify and focus on specific target audience.

You know what?

Today, the manufacturing industry invests as low as 2.3% on digital marketing, the lowest amongst all industries, with the mining and construction industry following closely with 3.0%

Well, this is an interesting opportunity to rule the market. Isn’t it?

As the digital market is presently not crowded with many players from the manufacturing industry, this is a right time to hit the hammer.

Still, Why Manufacturing industry needs Digital marketing ?

1. Buyers are online

Buyers are increasingly rely on online research, to get best solution nearby.

For example if company employees are looking for Custom Rack Storage solution, even if they know someone, they would search internet first. 

According to study, 94% of B2B buyers research online before purchasing any business product.

While, 56% of engineers are already in their second or third buying stage process before they even contact the sales team. 

2. All competitors are yet to leverage digital power.

It’s simple, Competitors may not have considered this option of driving the business towards them.

3. A Platform to exhibit your capabilities/expertise

88% of manufacturing industry who use digital marketing for their companies believe that increased content creation has led to an increase in revenue over the last year.

Digital platforms help you speak more about your company and educate your customers about your product, and the more valuable you become to them.

Digital marketing platforms offers direct link to your buyer where you can demonstrate your strengths. So now website has become much better refer than anyone.

4. Gives Ability to Become Word of Mouth.

Just imagine if company’s become household name like Godrej. What business it can bring. 


Today, as per the LinkedIn report, Businesses are generating 80% leads from Digital marketing.

Generating more leads ---> Increased more Revenue

Through social media and SEO, a business can carve a path for their customers.

Once a customer get becomes and follow the digital path, the customer starts interacting with the Website, Landing pages, lead forms.

And moreover, No customer would be on the Fence,

As digital marketing gives the capability to track every lead from the start of the journey, you can re-market the buyer on the fence and convert them to customer.

79% of brands who uses marketing automation have seen a boost in their leads.

77% of marketers have noticed a significant increase in their conversion rate due to successful digital marketing campaigns

How to Go Digital effectively !

Step by Step guide to go digital for the Manufacturing industry.

Steps of going Digital

STEP 1: Set Goals and objectives.

Save Billions by setting goals and objectives.  Break down into yearly, monthly, weekly and daily goals.

STEP 2 : Make responsive website

Your buyers are online, and on the go. Thus, a mobile responsive website is essential. Remember, Many potential buyers start with online search and research. 


Match the search intent organically by doing regular posting SEO content and perfecting the website with Technical SEO.

Blog post and Case studies, Video content, Infographic content etc. Check out a post this for content marketing for business.

STEP 4: Google Search Ads

Google search ads are also called search engine marketing. Search ads campaigns should be optimized to get leads. 

In the manufacturing industry, we have observed that marketers make this mistake of placing bids against highly competitive words, without having any idea that those words are highly competitive because those are popular among Job searching people. And they end up getting job applications rather than an actual lead. 

So, do it right.

STEP 5: Social Media Marketing

Social media is a place to become word of mouth.

Thus social media ads both organic and paid becomes as crucial as any other marketing channel. If done wrong, it can backfire, if done right, it can be a great boon. Smart marketers are hacking the growth and excelling in results.

How to do social media ads for the manufacturing industry is a topic itself which we would cover in an upcoming article soon.

STEP 6: Email campaigns

B2B businesses of any kind, use email as a primary source of communication that’s obvious. And hence it becomes the most effective in the manufacturing industry. 

To leverage email effectively as marketing campaigns, start with addressing pressing issues and Updates in the mechanical industry via Newsletters.

STEP 7: Measure and Optimize

Measuring or tracking your goals helps reach heights, else you would do something wrong, and you would never know.

After measuring, it’s time to optimize the campaign. Measurement and optimization are infinite loops for growth.

End Thoughts

We have reasoned out Why to do digital marketing to get leads in the manufacturing industry or mechanical industry and how part of it.

Start now before it gets too late.

Comment down your questions. We would love to help you.

That’s all folks, Until next one.



A Special thanks to Paulina John, A friend and teammate from Nigeria. Paulina helped to make this article error and mistakes free.

She is awesome Content Writer | Editor | Content Creator 

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